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Say NO! To Daley's Two Ticket Boot Plan!!!

We the undersigned, demand the alderman of Chicago's city council vote
AGAINST Mayor Daley's proposal to decrease the number of tickets which
make a vehicle boot eligible, from three to two tickets.

The undersigned also believes it is unfair for the city to make motorists
liable for collection costs on fines that already double when not paid in
a timely manner. This doubled fine is enough of a penalty and another fee
on top of the doubled fine is too much. The undersigned demands the city
council votes against this policy as well.

The undersigned believes both of these proposed policies are
disproportionately injurious to Chicago's poor and middle-class, already
suffering through a economic recession, record high gas prices, record
foreclosures and the highest sales taxes in the nation.

The undersigned also believe these policies unfairly places the burden of
Daley's budget shortfall on the backs of motorists who already pay some of
the highest gas taxes in the nation, pay a $75 annual city sticker fee,
and are facing the financial challenges of ever increasing parking
tickets, red light camera tickets and booting.

Enough is enough aldermen.

Please vote NO! to Daley's proposed plans.


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